Dating and child custody

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However, sole custody no longer exists as a meaningful legal term in Tennessee law.

In 2001, Tennessee’s parenting plan law created parenting plans.

I was told at the time to do shared joint custody and I could get residential later.

Now that I am trying to get residential custody, I'm told I can't because there is not enough for it to be changed.

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State Child Custody Laws at a Glance While state child custody laws differ somewhat from state to state, they all have adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), with the exception of Massachusetts.

Charles Stanley partly blamed “childhood difficulties.” But the grounds for Charles Stanely’s divorce was reported to be the marriage was “irretrievably broken.” Reportedly, Charles Stanley remained eligible to be pastor of First Baptist Church as long as he did not remarry.The other parent is the alternative residential parent, or ARP.The legal term “custodial parent” under the old law is not exactly the same as “primary residential parent” under the current law.Therefore, many states deal with embryo custody on a case-by-case basis.FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about child custody and visitation issues.

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Under prior Tennessee child custody law, custodial parent generally meant the parent with whom the child primarily resided and the parent who exercised final decision-making authority.