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Even those embedded in the tech industry might not be aware of Malaysia's early attempt to jump on the digital bandwagon; I first heard of it via a now obscure story by Canadian journalist Chris Turner, who visited Cyberjaya in 2000, three years after its press launch.magazine, now defunct (and not online; the essay lives on via his latest book), he too asked his driver "Do you know where you're going? Turner also struggled with the disconnect between a country trying to build the next Silicon Valley while simultaneously having a derisible record of online freedoms.He highlights a study he quoted in a report he wrote on child internet safety for the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), “Sexual Abuse” (by Gee DG, Devilly GJ & Ward T, 2004): two in three men admit they fantasise about young girls.The report he wrote for AIC in 2009 also revealed that one in five university students are sexually attracted to children at some point.Last month, the Electronic Frontier Foundation described Malaysian internet censorship as going from "bad to worse".

As we swung around yet another empty roundabout in the middle of the jungle, naked of any buildings or road signs, it was hard to fault the driver.

Parents, she says, should only get phones for their children which allow them to keep tabs on their whereabouts and have camera functions so that they can still take selfies, but cannot post them anywhere online.

“They just need a basic phone that enables parents to be able to keep track of their whereabouts.

Once bubbly and chatty, your daughter is now quiet and morose.

As he highlighted at the roundtable discussion on Child Online Protection hosted by The Star in partnership with Digi last week, Interpol statistics show that one in five children online become the target of cyber predators or paedophiles each year.

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With more people using the Internet these days, the potential of fraud is high especially when your transactions and personal information is stored on cyberspace, you’re most likely to become the next vulnerable victim.

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