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Some of the companies offering credit repair assistance or debt consolidation loans include NAB, Commonwealth Bank and Bluestone as well as Fox Symes and Associates, the Australian Lending Centre and Debt Escape.

While consolidating your debts can seem like a way out of the quagmire, ironically many finance agents attach extremely high interest rates to their loan products – because you are now considered a high risk client.

Are your current loan repayments causing you to struggle financially?

Debt consolidation might be the solution that can help you to get back on track.

†Credit card rate stated is RBA F5 average ‘standard' credit card interest rate as at February 2016 and excludes any annual or monthly fees.

The calculation includes a 0 Establishment Fee and a Monthly Service Fee but does not take into account other fees and charges that are unascertainable at this time.With interest rates on the rise, many households have debt levels that are becoming unmanageable, leading to missed repayments and bad credit ratings.In worse-case scenarios some individuals even face bankruptcy. There are a plethora of finance businesses on the market now offering debt consolidation loans to people with bad credit ratings.Many times the payments on your interest make it hard to pay off your debt.If you are struggling to pay off your debt consider our available loan options.

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ustralian Lending Centre is a leading provider of bad credit loans and consolidation loans Australia wide.