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Live updating

I tried switching off and on the 'live updating', restarting i Tunes in between. I copied the playlist, and the copy showed the same stale set of podcasts, not the newer ones I verified existed.I changed the filter settings for the smart playlist, but no change.Michelle Rodriguez Threatens to Leave Fast and Furious Michelle Rodriguez is threatening to leave The Fast and the Furious franchise unless its female characters are treated differently, the AP reports.

Is there a way to get smart playlists with live updating to work again, or is this a bug for which I have to wait on Apple to fix it?

The image will remain the same while the text can be updated.

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Or might it be a problem with my Windows 7 installation?

As a workaround I found out the following: If I switch off 'live updating', then sync my i Pod, terminate i Tunes, disconnect my i Pod, restart i Tunes again, and switch playlists, I can switch on 'live updating' again, and it seems to work.

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