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But you forget because the audience gets so excited. It's a fun challenge."Born and raised in Los Angeles, Hobson began his acting career at the age of six, appearing in films, television shows, stage productions and commercials. Nickelodeon is rolling out a new live action, music, comedy series this fall.It was really a special experience for me to be part of a show that brought music and such positive message to kids, especially now when in a lot of educational systems’ art budgets are being cut–and music is the first one to be cut, you know?So its really important to be able to bring that to kids, especially at that age.Following suit, in this past season, season two, some of The Junior Beats and the actor who played Reed, the owner of the Good Note Music Store were replaced. is mixing things up with The Fresh Beat Band from season to season?

touting lots of new things for the show, while also showing off a new cast member, Tara Perry.

Kiki (played by Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer) makes up the groups dance moves.

Twist (played by Jon Beavers) uses his voice and the turn tables to make his beat box sounds.

When the four members of Nickelodeon's "The Fresh Beat Band" were cast, the actors made each other a promise — they agreed to put as much time and talent into the children's program as they would into a Broadway show or Shakespeare play.

That energy has been rewarded numerous times over the four years the show has been on the air and through the multiple tours that have already passed through Detroit, said Thomas Hobson, who stars as Shout on the live-action preschool music series."The show's creators wanted something for their kids to watch — that's been the inspiration for 'The Fresh Beat Band' since its inception.

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The Fresh Beat Band premieres on August 24th at 12 noon.

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