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Updating your pois

The system does not require any programming skills – it can be used by anyone in your organization.It is cloud-based so that no server resources are required from you.Updates to all products are best managed from your Sendero Maps software on the Windows PC, which comes free with new Braille Note GPS or Sense Nav GPS purchases.This is by far the easiest way to upgrade as well as an excellent tool to use in conjunction with your PDA or mobile device such as Seeing Eye GPS for the i Phone.And relax, knowing that you can depend on it to get you to your destination. Whether you're heading for Italy, France, Spain or on a tour of Europe, using the latest software and map updates will ensure that you reach your destination without the stress.6 reasons why Mercedes-Benz drivers should regularly update their navigation system 1. Trust the navigation system: no more worrying about getting lost or having to ask for directions. Save time With optimum route calculation and information on POIs in the vicinity, no time is wasted 3.Mercedes-Benz drivers can avoid “no entry” roads and quickly locate a filling station if fuel is low at any point. Make optimum use of the navigation system With updated details of e.g.street names, roundabouts or points of interest, Mercedes-Benz drivers can reap the full benefits of their navigation system. Reduce CO2 emissions Reducing the number of kilometers travelled – thanks to up-to-date navigation data – cuts CO 2 emissions, helping to protect the environment.

So as stated by Paradox187x: for my nuvi 200 I download the .bmp, and files into the appropriate folder structure on my PC then use POI loader which turns them into one file on the device.Now that you've got those files in the subfolders, run POILoader & select the main "Custom POIs" folder we made.The program will combine all the POIs into one file & if you have your GPS connected & you tell it to, it will upload that file.For more information, visit Sendero PC Maps and GPS webpage For those who have a free upgrade available, your upgrade is eagerly awaiting you at Go Visit the following links for more information about purchasing the upgrade for your GPS version.About Sense Navigation 2017 upgrade About Braille Note GPS 2017 upgrade About Sendero PC Maps and GPS 2017 upgrade.

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The Go Pal Assistant is already provided on the CD which was enclosed with your MEDION package.