Ageplay chatrooms

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Ageplay chatrooms

The logs themselves are still available in several locations online.

Want to only view broadcasters between a certain age range?

Well unfortunatly I would've had this up by now but stupid copyright meant i had to take off the first song completely, (I UPLOADED IT TWICE ALREADY!!! get ready with the pause button if you're a slow reader because it goes FAST. (Hermione's party) Thanx to Luv Ron From HP for inspiring me to make this series.

And if your wondering where the inspiration came from for the poison... in the poems we had to do(Laboratory by Robert Browning)..

It seems like these updates will fix most of the more serious/radical changes that were identified, at least as I was concerned (Ro Z, Knockback/Falling, Action Token Assignment) Jakita Wagner is buying drinks tonight for the Toy Soldiers and the Mysterio Tokens.

Marsha Harry: She Will Be Loved By Maroon 5 Fred: SOS from Mamma Mia sung by Pierce Brosnan & Meryl Streep George: I'm Not Gunna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You By Black Kids Molly: Listen To your heart By Cascada Sirius Black: I Want to break free by Queen Lavender: Love Story By Katharine Mcphee Credit Song: This Ones for the girls by Martina Mcbride At The Beginning there is about minutes without song so u may like to put a song of your own playing over the top. You know, a bunch of vehicles sharing that keyword and a bunch of people piloting them should be a themed team So the reducers all reduce damage taken now instead of damage dealt.I am not super familiar with Golden Age beyond The Flash so not sure if that is a buff as it would be dependent on how many special powers or effects cause you to directly take damage. “Photographer” had been IMing me privately asking for photos – I sent him some links to Pixeleen Mistral pictures I found using in Google’s image search — after all, when in Google, do as the Googles do. Mistral: I can dance with you – but not with Irish John! Mistral: now I do Finola: only cause she was dancing with me Pixeleen.But “Photographer” wanted much more for his collection and was getting rather insistent and tiresome. Mistral and Finola move to the beat Finola: other women can dance with menirish John36: get a room Finola: I can dance alone or withe or other people that are not menbtw I like your shirt Pixirish John36: other people that are not men…as in women Finola: yea. so this girl must of been really pissed at men After Finola and I got done dancing I did some experimentation and found that girls can only dance with girls if you choose the “Heather” avatar as your base type. Later I discovered that the “Vanessa” avatar also only dances with girls, but busty “Jane Doe” is totally guy-friendly.

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