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Rear panel The rear panel is a cornucopia of connectivity.

Both the satellite and terrestrial tuner have a loopthrough output as well as an input, although the EX8000 lacks the UHF modulator of the Technomate TM6900 HD Combo Super – to which this receiver is otherwise similar.

The Eurovox EX8000 HD from a newcomer to satellite is compatible with digital terrestrial (DVB-T), and both variants of digital satellite (DVB-S and DVB-S2 for HD).

It's PVR-upgradable if you've an external USB hard drive to hand, and supports playback of some multimedia file types.

The congress will take place at a very exciting venue in Stockholm: The newly inaugurated Royal College of Music.

But it can't be dimmed or extinguished; the 'front display setting' options menu described in the manual was not present in our review model's firmware.

The right-hand section of the front panel hides a convenient USB terminal, the CI slots and a single card-reader (you can be forgiven for believing that there are two, but the lower slot is sealed off ).

But only by getting people to talk with their money will change this.

Jubilee of ICVT) a worthy successor to its predecessors! Registration for delegates will open on November 22.

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