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Yes, we realize that these are fictional characters who don't technically have a future.

But if Gilligan is done with them, then why not pick up where he left off?

Still others, such as Aunt Dolly, intentionally blur the line between fiction and non-fiction.

Hannah's best friend Lily At the beginning of season 1, only a few characters seem to know Miley's secret.

These include members of her extended family (Mamaw Ruthie, Aunt Dolly, Uncle Earl, Luann, etc.), Lilly's mother, Jake Ryan, Jessie, Roxy Roker, and Officer Diaria and his daughter.

In the movie, Hannah's publicist Vita is aware and her secret is publicly revealed to the entire town of Crowley Corners.

Jesse drove away a free man, but can he ever really escape his own memories?

“There weren’t many options on at the time so I decided to take it on myself and obviously it went in the top corner,” the England international said. Today especially was a massive game for us to win, we’ve climbed the table, so again as long as we keep improving we can keep pushing on now.” The win saw United climb into the Premier League’s top five for the first time since September.

Not all of the characters he created were so lucky.

Who Holly Madison dated; list of Holly Madison loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors.

Not that a celebrity sex tape is such a big deal for someone that's been attached to Hugh Hefner, but there just seems to be a weird flurry of activity attached to all the celeb sex tapes that's unlike any other celeb scandals.

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Looking at the finale from a psychological point of view, which character got the least resolution?