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In 1990, Donald Trump’s marriage to a beautiful blonde model was nearing its end, and his marriage to a different beautiful blonde model was just about to bloom. WALTERS: And then came Christmas, Aspen, December 30th- can you tell us what happened, what you felt, what you learned? When the formidable Czech pushed off in hot pursuit, fascinated observers swear they saw her whip in front of Donald and then ski backwards down the slopes, wagging her finger in his face.ultimately cost him a conservative estimate of tens of millions of dollars.The two ladies (Ivana Trump and Marla Maples, respectively) allegedly became aware of this on the scenic slopes of Aspen, where they got into a verbal—or, depending on who you ask, physical—confrontation over the rotting jack-o-lantern real estate tycoon himself. But there are, of course, two sides to every story—whatever Donald says happened and the truth.“We were actually standing near the restaurant, getting ready to put skis on.When it comes to Tiffany Trump, spawn of our soon-to-be president and mistress-turned-second-wife Maples, Trump seems to forget she exists.Perhaps it’s that he doesn’t seem to take her mother seriously, or perhaps it’s because she won’t accept his advances.

She recently posted a video fundraising pitch for Donald Trump’s campaign to her Twitter account.

Back in 1990, Marla Maples was reported to have famously gushed about her lover Donald Trump’s sexual prowess in a Page 1 headline of the New York Post.

That was one of the over-the-top moments in one of the over-the-top celebrity scandals of the early 1990s. Maples, a former beauty queen, and the real estate mogul/GOP presidential frontrunner were married from 1993 to 1999, and have a daughter, Tiffany Trump, 22.

That would be Maples’ affair with Trump, which led to his highly publicized and pricey divorce from wife no. After years of living a quiet life in Los Angeles, Maples, 52, is back in the spotlight for joining the Season 22 cast of “Dancing With the Stars.” And her ex-husband is in the news for — you know what. But these details are merely the bare bones of a relationship that was apparently full of really great sex, as well as brimming with all the juicy tidbits that kept the tabloids, as well as celebrity watchers, riveted.

Here are some other top memories of their fabulous, scandalous relationship: 1.

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The basic details of the Trump love triangle are as follows: Donald and Ivana, his then-wife of 13 years, were in Aspen for the winter holidays. And I was standing there like an idiot and Marla and Ivana were there,” Trump would later tell a reporter, according to Timothy O’Brien’s “Trump Nation: The Art of Being the Donald.” “And there wasn’t shouting, but you could obviously see there was some friction.

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