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Feminism dating

Learn More This salon asked us to think differently about the way we approach conflict, and women’s roles as agents of change.It moved, inspired and challenged attendees to continue to work for positive change in our increasingly complex world.Aside from everyday life, online dating has been a constant reminder of how suffocatingly confining gender roles are and how immobilizing male entitlement renders me in the dating game.

The survey throws up a number of big questions, the first of which is: who the hell are these men who don’t pull their weight?

Whether you're a student who stumbles upon our site while researching a term paper, a veteran feminist who proudly identifies with the "f-word," or someone curious about the vast ways that women's issues intersect with every other part of life, we welcome you and hope you find great value from visiting Learn More is thrilled to be part of Maiden Nation's Imagi Nation campaign, which features jewelry designed by Yoko Ono, Lauren Bush, and others.

Gloria Steinem, feminist activist and writer, and our longtime supporter, contributed her own visionary design to the series: is proud to be the beneficiary of proceeds from the sale of Gloria's bracelet!

Learn More is proud to announce our Fem Salon Series spotlighting timely themes, featuring dynamic speakers, and serving as fundraisers to support the work of

See photos, video, a list of attendees and other resources and information.

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Wives still take their husband's surnames, and are sometimes pressured to do so.