Afghaistan dating military

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Afghaistan dating military

S.-backed Afghan government and Taliban will bring an end to America’s longest war, since an outright victory over the insurgency is unlikely. The Pentagon has described the war as a "stalemate."Afghanistan’s government remains weak, and the Taliban and the Haqqani, another insurgent network, have sanctuary in neighboring Pakistan, making a U. The Taliban, while not popular in Afghanistan, does have support in some corners of the country, where there is mistrust for a central government riddled with corruption and dependent on foreign military support.

But getting the Taliban to the negotiating table will require turning the tide on the battlefield, where Taliban fighters have been expanding the territory they control as U. S.-led military victory largely out of reach, said Scott Worden, an analyst at the U. Trump did not dwell on reconciliation in outlining a new strategy.

The War in Afghanistan began on 27 April 1978, when the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) took power in a military coup, known as the Saur Revolution.

Most of Afghanistan subsequently experienced uprisings against the PDPA government.

Health Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ismail Kawoosi said more than 50 were also wounded, including over a dozen women and children, in the hours-long attack on August 25.

ISIS attacked a Shia mosque in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan.

Afghan officials confirmed that the district of Zana Khan in Ghazni was overrun, while the Taliban claimed to have seized Gomal in Paktika province.Regional powers such as Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India and Uzbekistan seeking influence over the geostrategically located Afghanistan each supported and in some cases controlled one of those militias.While Kabul and some other major cities witnessed most of the fighting during that period, most of the more rural parts of Afghanistan, which had seen especially massive bombardment by the Soviets and Communists, remained relatively calm.The Soviet war in Afghanistan began in December 1979 to replace the existing communist government.Afghanistan's resistance forces, known as the mujahideen, fought against the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan. The Soviet Union had to withdraw its troops in February 1989.

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