Updating maps for mio c230 gps

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Updating maps for mio c230 gps

Installed maps are in green, ready to install maps are in yellow, maps required for activation are in red and maps that must be purchased are in blue.Candice Abrams has been writing since 2006, contributing to "Coed Media Magazine" and various online publications.

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The Mio C230 portable Global Positioning System (GPS) comes installed with its own Tele Atlas maps of the United States and Puerto Rico.

However, you may want to download maps from other parts of the world.

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The C230 has 1GB internal storage, however, which is enough to hold a number of maps. The touch screen is quite responsive and doesn’t smudge too easily. The battery lasts around four hours, and takes awhile to charge if it’s powered up and running while charging.

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