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You may think you sound like a total pessimist if you say that you’re tired of dating, but you have every right to feel that way.

Dating burnout is a real thing and it’s totally normal.

In fact, at 7.28pm I was still quite looking forward to meeting the man.

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Instead, I decided to harbour the fascinating details of my daily life and wait until I had something really interesting to report.You can change just about every aspect of the look and feel.Phone look: Tablet look: Special Note: If you are running a custom theme, you will likely need to remove that theme before updating to as your custom theme will likely not be compatible with the new changes!The hope/disappointment cycle of dating is pretty fierce and never-ending. They could be total jerks or they could just be a total snooze-fest. If you’re tired just thinking about it, you’re totally normal. You don’t want to whine and feel sorry for yourself, and yet sometimes you can’t believe how totally unfair dating can be. And that old friend of yours just met the cutest guy ever on the very dating app that you use every day. But dating really makes no sense because whenever you think you have a handle on things, you’re surprised and upset. As much as you try to forget about dating when you’re not actually, you know, on a date or using your apps, you end up thinking about it pretty much all the time.You always hear that dating is like a job, but at least when you put in long hours to build your career, you end up succeeding. It’s all-consuming and that’s enough to make anyone want to give up forever.

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Well my friends, as of last night, I now have something worth writing about: my second online date – and my worst ever date of all time. The finance worker, who was based in IT, was, without doubt the most intolerable human being that I have ever had the displeasure of dining with. Let’s go chronologically, let’s start with the beginning, which the arrogant twerp was late for. At 7.28pm I received the following text: “Traffic a little slow, should be there in 10.

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