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View my recent blog about e Harmony vs RSVP for a more detailed review.

"If you think you’ve written yourself a great profile, like I thought I had - you’d be wrong.Of course I have a biased view based on my positive experience, but I feel the system on RSVP works well - you 'kiss'/ message someone for free - if they are interested - you make contact for a small fee.Dare I say, I actually like the fact the site is not completely free.  From my personal (female) experience, I found the cheaper and easier it was to meet on an online dating site, the more no-strings-attached-seekers and undesirables it attracted. e Harmony) and others are somewhere in between (e.g. Generally speaking sites that cost money attract singles who are more serious about dating (they have paid for a subscription after all), however higher joining fees doesn't necessarily mean better quality of matches.This will allow you to focus your time and energy on those select sites, rather than juggling too many sites and matches at any one time.

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A common complaint of one particular dating site, make sure you opt-out of the 'auto renew' subscription to avoid being inadvertently charged for a dating site you no longer use.