Dating a student journalist Sex chatrooms ipad

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Dating a student journalist

Us journalists are witty, passionate and driven – but we’re also neurotic, sleep deprived and attached to our smartphones.Not only will we ask who you’ve been with, we will also ask when it was, for how long and how serious it was.If it were about minting money, then they wouldn’t be in this profession in the first place.They may not be earning as much as their counter parts but they do get to enjoy the freebies from time to time.

But, one day you could be what they’re writing about. Journalists write about things in their lives that have a great influence on them. Journalists have a specific set of eyes when it comes to writing. Not because they avidly seek to be social, but because they talk to a variety of people every day for every task at hand. They relay information from the source to the people. A journalist does not dance around something if they do not know for a fact that it is the truth. A relationship should be pure, true feelings that are just as true as the facts in the morning news.

The 24-hour news cycle creates a constant need for stories to be published and released to the public on time.

The true value of a journalist can be measured by the number of contacts in his or her address book, I am told, and one of the most important priorities for a journalist is to establish a wide network of sources, which can later be used to produce solid and trustworthy reporting.

My boyfriend is often asked what it’s really like to date a journalist. We’re really nosy We’re all competing for exclusives, sources and scoops, so we ask a lot of questions.

So the next time you start dating someone, here’s what to tell them to look out for – they’ve been warned!

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It is incumbent upon members of the profession not to abuse, nor seem to abuse the power with which they are entrusted, since relationships between members of the profession and their students are quite imbalanced.

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