Shu qi dating lee hom

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Shu qi dating lee hom

When asked about this intention to broadcast a music video at his concert, Leehom said reservedly, "No, that will not happen!

This will be a concert and it is separate from a music video."However, he wished Shu Qi good luck for her nomination at the Golden Horse Awards for the Best Actress title.

It was widely speculated that the 35-year-old intended to meet rumoured boyfriend, Leehom, due to the fact that he was busy preparing for his concert in Taiwan late this November.

Allegedly, Leehom, 35, wished to broadcast a music video at his concert to show his support for Shu Qi's Golden Horse nomination.

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi and singer Lee Hom broke up three years ago.

Allegedly, Leehom’s mother objected to Leehom’s intention, forcing him to abandon his announcement.

With malicious comments attacking Shu Qi in the Weibo blog community, fans expected rumored flame, 35-year-old Leehom Wang (王力宏), to offer comforting words.

However, Leehom remained silent on the act of “cyber violence” directed at Shu Qi, fueling speculations that the pair had broken up.

However, the couple may be tired of their romance being unable to be revealed in the daylight.

Last night, Shu Qi flew to Taiwan to meet with her lover.

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Meanwhile, Shu Qi was caught partying with 37-year-old Stephen Fung (馮德倫), who was rumored to be pursuing her!

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