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Wesley jonathan dating

Jonathan portrays the womanizing Too Cool in “Speed-dating” which was released in limited theaters October 1st. Many months later, after I had completely forgotten about this movie, I got a call from my agency saying do you remember the movie “Speed-Dating”? So how was it being able to reunite with people you’ve worked with before and working with the cast of Speed-dating in specific? It’s always fun when you know peoples work, you know their style and you know them. Were there any similarities you discovered between yourself and your character Too Cool? You know, you’re young and love women but there’s a fine line between Too Cool and me. Are you happy to hear that the film is going to hit theaters instead of going straight to DVD? Wesley Jonathan: We all like to think that we’re cool. I went to the advance screening of Speed-Dating at ICE Theaters Chatham 14 Tuesday night and decided on a whim to participate in the speed dating game.I've never played before, but I figured hey, it's free and I'm here--why not?So, we play and I end of talking to about 12 guys (I forget the exact number, but it like a lot, lol) in three minute spurts. I definitely met some characters, but that's not the crazy part.The day after the screening my mother was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital and as I'm walking out the hospital at 8 o'clock that night the man walking behind me stops me. Many may remember him as the curly haired kid from “City Guys” and “What I Like About You”, but Wesley Jonathan has been around since the days of “21 Jump Street”, “A Different World” and “Thea”. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a positive way. Producer: Mekita Faiye Cast: Wesley Jonathan, Chico Benymon, Mekita Faiye, Leonard Armond Robinson, Vanessa Simmons, Holly Robinson Peete, Nick Chinlund Genre: Comedy MPAA Rating: PG-13 Official Website: Out Why Wesley Jonathan Is TOO COOL!

But, as Nick shared with Extra, while backstage at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards, that isn’t exactly the case — no matter how elated he’d be if it were… Looks like he’s still keeping a vice grip on poor Mimi for now… There are cameos by Meagan Good and Antwon Tanner from “One Tree Hill”. Vanessa Simmons, who is also in “Speed-Dating”, did me a favor and jumped on in there. Wesley Jonathan: I just Associate Produced a film called “Dysfunctional Friends” starring Stacy Dash, Terrell Owens, Reagan Gomez, Hosea Chanchez, Persia White, Jason Weaver and myself. Christian Keyes of the Tyler Perry plays and Stacy Keibler. Maybe that's always been my hangup about speed dating events.How much can you really get to know a person in five minutes or less?

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I turn around and it's one of the men I speed dated the night before! As he walked with me back to my car I found out his mother was just admitted the night before the movie screening.

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