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Voice is disabled immediately, and all of the voice settings will be grayed out.

This means you can't hear anyone talking nor be heard yourself. Whatever you say there will be repeated back to you so you can test the quality of your voice.

There are the following types of voice chat in Second Life: Important: You can only participate in one type of voice chat at a time.

Meet new people and singles in your area, chat and arrange to meet up. Chat rooms should at the very least be free and give person(s) the ability to chat and meet with others via cam, microphone, go one on one, create rooms and so on.Pressing the upper part of the button (near GAME) will make Game Audio louder than Chat Audio. Make sure the Game Balance isn't turned all the way down; press the upper part of the left button (near GAME) to increase Game audio. First, make sure the Chat Balance is turned up on the adapter.Pressing the lower part of the button (near CHAT) will make Chat Audio louder than Game Audio. I can hear people in chat but I can't hear the game. Trying to raise the game audio using the volume button will not have any effect if the Game Balance is turned all the way down. To do this, press the lower part of the left button (near CHAT) to increase the chat audio.Go to Settings (Child, Teen, Adult, Custom) and select 'Communicate with voice and text.' Select 'everybody' if you are not in a chat with a friend.If there is no change, try power cycling the console and Headset Audio Controller (HAC). Yes, the right volume control is designed to raise and lower the overall volume for the headset. To toggle the Mic Monitor, long press the Mic button.

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