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Essentially I want to "forward" the webcam input into another USB's output. a way to do USB over IP, but it is propriety, costs money and has some quirks (as a USB packet takes about 3 IP packets)...

Once you start a meeting you’ll see the video button at the top left of your tool bar. You’ll see a preview of yourself in the video screen. To choose a different camera, select it from the drop-down menu.

Since you already know what you look like, we’ve made your bubble smaller than everyone else’s.

If you need to share your screen or window during your meeting, the bubbles will automatically resize and move out of the way when you start sharing.

If you just want to stream the webcam on the ground floor to look at your dog from the top floor, VLC is indeed what you need: Step 1: test video capture Voilà: there's the dog!

If you want to look at your dog from work, you'll also need to go into your router and do IP forwarding, or put the webcam computer in the DMZ (dangerous!

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Of course, that means evil-doers could potentially connect to it as well, so your camera should be protected by a strong password.