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The song is said to have some relation to the Canadian factory Celestica in which Ethan Kath said that one of the workers allegedly committed suicide by jumping into a tub of hot plastic and that they still used the plastic to make products.Courtship Dating est une chanson du groupe de musique expérimentale torontois Crystal Castles tiré du premier album de Crystal Castles, du même nom que le groupe. Celui-ci est sorti le 31 mars 2008 accompagné de la face B "Trash Hologram".

The title track, "Alice Practice" is a soundcheck which was secretly recorded by the sound engineer before the band launched into a five-song recording session in 2005.Crystal Castles are known for their chaotic live shows and lo-fi melancholic homemade productions.They released many limited vinyl singles between 20 before releasing a trilogy of critically acclaimed albums between 20.También fue lanzado una edición limitada de dobles discos de vinilo de 12" y un nuevo mix y masterizado específicamente para el vinilo.Alice Practice is the debut EP from Crystal Castles, released on Merok Records on 9 July, 2006.

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