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(Answering myself) I ended up picking the solution suggested by Cory Engebretson, which is to use Subversive instead of Subclipse.I did some googling to see if one is better than the other, and they seem to be pretty much equivalent some like one and some the other.I create a new repository location and type the URL : " .The response is : Error validating location: "org.tigris.subversion.javahl.I've Apache 2.0.53 and Subversion 1.3.0 working on Windows XP SP1.Here is a detailed list of what I do : * in * uncomment the line : Load Module dav_module modules/mod_* add the line Load Module dav_svn_module modules/mod_dav_* set the servername to my Computer Domain (i've try with localhost and localhost:80 too) * Add those lines after the commented "Location" lines : * with * svnadmin create c:\Subversion Repositories\rep1 that's works, i've all subversion files in my directory.

Yes i can access at the URL in the browser, and i already had configured the proxy.

Then I think I've initialized an empty repository and I can now access it.

I install subclipse 0.9.108 to access the repository.

The error shows the location of the servers file and attempts to show the user the line on which the error occurred.

Errors can be caused by an incorrect configuration, such as extra whitespaces where they're not expected, or by one or more incorrect values in the servers file.

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